What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) refers to measures taken to avoid any corporate information leak through physical (USB, WIFI, PCMCIA, Bluetooh) or logical ports (Web, Mail, Chat, FTP, Instant Messaging, Social Networks)

We can distinguish three areas (EndPoint, Network and Database)

There are three phases:


  1. Identify the data stored in different repositories
  2. Generate an organization´s sensible data inventory
  3. Manage the retirement/relocation of the data in a centralized repository



  1. Awareness of data utilization in the organization (internal workflow)
  2. Content and context understanding of information
  3. Global visibility of information to management team



  1. Obtain visibility over security policies violations
  2. Provide a proactive data security
  3. Prevent confidential information leakage



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