What is Information Rights Management?

Information Rights Management (IRM) refers to the technologies used to limit and control the viewing, edition, printing and forwarding of any kind of information.

It is used to protect all the shared documentation of a company: documents, photographs, presentations, emails, worksheets. There is an encryption policy of the shared information and is possible to apply audit techniques to obtain an absolute tracking of the the files: who, when, what.

Let´s imagine a potential scenario of an engineering company that sends a project to a final customer. Previously the owner of the document has established some user rights to the file with some restrictions. Once received, the customer will be able to view the document but printing or forwarding it by mail to other persons will not be allowed.

This way, the document owner, ensures a total control of the document´s lifecycle preserving his/her legitimate rights against copying, fraud or unauthorized use.

The file is created with some rights that are validated against a server that grants/revoke rights dynamically through its entire lifecycle.

We could mention some examples:

  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • Clinical Files
  • Email Messages
  • Legal Dossiers




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