What is Perimetral Security?

Perimetral Security refers to the integration of mechanic and electronic systems to protect physical perimeters, intrusion attempt detection or disuasion techniques at sensible facilities. Radars, surveillance cameras, fences, sensor cables, microwaves barriers, infrared cameras are some of the methods used.

As an example, the access to a Data Center is equipped with all the measures described above.

Under the logical security perspective we define the Surveillance and Protection of the Corporate Network Perimeter:

  • Firewalls (Traffic Filtering, Content Filtering, AntiSpam, Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems)
  • Application Firewalls (Applications Control, Service Quality, Traffic Priority)
  • Web Application Firewalls (Web Application Protection, Edge to Edge Control, “PCI-DSS”, Privacy, SOX Compliance)
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS Attacks)
  • Event Correlation (Application, Security and Systems Event Management)
  • Traffic Balance and Optimization
  • VPN/SSL Access (With/Without Strong Authentication)
  • VPN/IPSec Access (With/Without Strong Authentication)



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