What is a Digital Signature? What is an Electronic Signature? What is a Biometric Signature?

The Digital Signature is a cryptographic mechanism that allows to the receiver of a digital signed message to ensure the identity and integrity of the message.

It is utilized in areas where is important to verify the authenticity and integrity of data like electronic documents and software. It provides mechanisms to detect illegal falsification and content manipulation.

The Electronic Signature is a legal concept that is essentially equal to the handwritten signature, where one person accepts the content of an electronic message through any valid electronic method.

  • Signing with electronic pencil when using a debit or credit card
  • Box checking using a PC or using the finger in a touchscreen
  • Using a digital card
  • Through an user and password
  • Using a coordinates card

The electronic signature creates an audit log that includes the identity of the sender and a time stamp seal recording date an hour.

The Biometric Signature is an authentication method in the signing of documents based on the handwritten signature generating an unique pattern based on non-transferable parameters such as speed and pressure.

Any organization can streamline its business processes by avoiding the travel of documents or people improving productivity and reducing the costs associated with printing, management and filing using smartphones, tablest and PC´s.

Some examples that we could mention are the Paperless Office for Health, Public Services, Finance, Insurance or Retail sectors.




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